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Most of us have been guilty of it before, naming a character after a Greek god or goddesses (or any name usually given to deities from other parts of the world). It’s usually done by newer or inexperienced rp’ers. But eventually that habit gets grown out of, we find more unique (or more common) names for our characters given the setting.

Cause we all know no one is actually named after gods of myth, right?

Well, I was watching this tv show on TLC during breakfast, and on the show, there was a woman named Aphrodite, and it immediately made me think about rp characters named, more usually Athena, and after other gods and goddesses.

I had to leave the room because that was something I wasn’t gonna watch.

I fail to see why naming your characters after Greek gods is so bad considering people name characters after Native tribes, which is the same as naming your character “Frenchmen”. Not to mention I’ve met a fuckton of people named after Greek gods and demigods. So basically fuck you and your elitist attitude. If I want to name my character Achilles I’m going to name him Achilles. Or perhaps Athena, or maybe Zeus. Wouldn’t be the worst name I’ve ever given a character before.
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    And certainly don’t turn on any tennis matches. Might see Venus Williams and get all pissed off and stuff. Also if it’s...
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    [[You are so right, OP. So right. I mean, don’t you just hate it when people name their characters or children...
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    Ok it basically shouldn’t count because I’m from Greece but this line is what bothered me the most: Cause we all know no...
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    Not to mention if you’re from the US (I’m going to assume you are, OP) the reason people here aren’t named after...
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    Bow down to me. Apparently I’m a greek goddess now… WRONG! Doris was a water nymph.
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    au contraire - once I went to Curry’s to purchase an external disc-drive and I shit you not the sales assistant’s...
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    Yeeeah. I’ve never been guilty of this. It’s not like I’ve named a certain character and nearly every single family...
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